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· madCollection
· madExcept 4.0.11
· madCodeHook 3.1.8


official version release:
· madCollection.exe


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madExcept 4.0.11 comes with the following changes:

· added support for RAD Studio XE7
· fixed: plugins didn't work in XE6
· fixed: rare FPU exception crash when checking for leaks
· fixed: sometimes VirtualAlloc resources were reported as leaks
· fixed: "send bug report in background" dialog option didn't stick
· fixed: madExceptWizard sometimes produced superfluous QC warnings
· fixed a couple more small/rare bugs
· madExceptPatch.exe: speedup when parsing large map files
· madExceptPatch.exe: improved support for relative paths
· madExceptPatch.exe: added new switch "/restoreFileTime"
· madExceptWizard: map file isn't loaded in the IDE at all, anymore

madCodeHook 3.1.8 comes with the following changes:

· fixed: RestoreCode sometimes produced incorrect code
· fixed: hooking ntdll in non-large-address-aware x64 processes crashed
· FOLLOW_JMP now follows up to 10 JMPs in a row
· [driver] fixed denial of service vulnerability (found by Parvez Anwar)
· [C++] fixed: CreateProcessEx for x64 processes sometimes failed
· [C++] fixed: x64 hook installation sometimes (rarely) crashed
· [Delphi] fixed: XP/2003 x64: injection into 32bit processes failed
· [Delphi] added RAD Studio XE7 support


madExcept 4.0.10 comes with the following changes:

· added support for XE6
· email "reply to" address is now automatically set
· added "replyTo" parameter to SendSmtpMail
· added undocumented SmtpReplyTo/SmtpPort options
· added support for Mantis sub projects
· limited Mantis OS string len to what Mantis supports
· added "HideInitializionLeaks" API
· "ExceptClass" for freezes is now reported as EFrozen
· added security to internal memory map sections

madCodeHook 3.1.7 comes with the following changes:

· [C++] fixed: 32bit injection problems when compiled as 32bit
· [driver] fixed: injection sometimes failed (win8.1)

madSecurity 1.2 comes with the following changes:

· added 64bit support
· added full Unicode support


madExcept 4.0.9 comes with the following changes:

· fixed: PNG screenshots created by x64 code were corrupted
· fixed: protection failed for "TWeird.ThreadName"
· fixed: HTTP upload feedback didn't work, anymore
· fixed: BCB callstacks weren't always optimal
· BCB5 bug workaround to make madExcept work for dlls
· added new "HideLeak(TSomeObject, count)" API
· renamed "ThisIsNoLeak" API to "HideLeak"
· madCompileBugReport: fixed column alignment problems

madCodeHook 3.1.6 comes with the following changes:

· fixed: CreateProcessEx failed for .Net processes
· fixed a couple of rare crashes
· [C++] added separate "madCHook64md" and "madCHook64mt" static libs
· [driver] fixed: injection in Vista x64 sometimes failed


madExcept comes with the following bug fixes:

· fixed bug in TThread handling (introduced in 4.0.8)
· fixed BCB callstack bug in try..catch blocks

madExcept 4.0.8 comes with the following changes:

· added support for XE5
· added madTraceProcess64
· added "largest free block" header info
· fixed a couple of weird bugs
· madExceptWizard: patching is now always moved to madExceptPatch tool
· madExceptViewer: newest bug report is now listed on top

madCodeHook 3.1.5 comes with the following changes:

· added support for XE5
· added support for Windows 8.1
· improved FOLLOW_JMP implementation
· [driver] revert aligned UNICODE_STRING (compatability problems)
· [driver] fixed injection problem caused by StormShield fix


madExcept 4.0.7 comes with the following changes:

· added support for XE4
· fixed: empty bug reports were saved/sent
· fixed: class type exceptions were not handled correctly
· fixed: leak reporting changed FPU control word

madCodeHook 3.1.4 comes with the following changes:

· added support for XE4
· fixed: IPC in Metro apps only worked without replies
· fixed: win9x hooking eventually crashed
· fixed: FOLLOW_JMP eventually modified export tables
· fixed: UNICODE_STRING in internal structure was not aligned properly
· "driver only" injection now works without admin rights (if driver is already installed and running)


madExcept 4.0.6 comes with the following changes:

· IMEException.ThreadIds/.Callstacks properties added
· IMEException.ExceptionRecord property added
· added SetDebugMmAlignment API
· fixed Mantis automation for latest Mantis version
· fixed Armadillo x64 incompatability
· improved callback parsing for exception box
· fixed: custom RaiseExceptionProc callbacks didn't work
· undocumented option "ShowOuterExceptDetails" added
· fixed freeze when asking BugReport in epCompleteReport

madCodeHook 3.1.3 comes with the following changes:

· fixed: injecting multiple 32bit dlls in x64 OS crashed
· fixed: uninjecting DLL twice at the same time crashed
· fixed: IPC messages sometimes contained wrong session id
· fixed: incompatability with MSVC++ 2012 on Windows 8
· added support for csrss injection in Windows 8
· added new FOLLOW_JMP flag for HookAPI/Code
· fixed crash when hooking system APIs in x64 MSSQL
· [delphi] fixed: 64bit injection crash when using Delphi XE2/3
· [driver] fixed: Verifier blue screens when using ex/include lists
· [driver] fixed: closing processes in x64 OSs sometimes froze
· [driver] fixed: injection failure with MSVC++ 2012 hook dlls


madExcept 4.0.5 comes with the following changes:

· added support for XE3
· a couple of bugfixes and minor improvements

madCodeHook 3.1.2 comes with the following changes:

· added support for XE3
· added support for Metro (AppContainer integrity) apps
· fixed: crash in CreateProcessEx (32bit)
· fixed: uninjection crash in w2k3 error reporting service


madExcept 4.0.3 comes with the following changes:

· improved leak reporting performance and reliability
· added patch to fix BCB XE/XE2 RTL bug
· many bugfixes and small improvements

madCodeHook 3.1.0 comes with the following changes:

· added support for Delphi XE2 x64
· a couple small bugfixes


The new madCollection contains the following madExcept 4 changes:

· added FireMonkey support (Windows only)
· significantly improved leak reporting performance and memory consumption
· significantly improved "instantly crash on buffer over/underrun" feature
· a bunch of important bug fixes


I'm happy to announce the brand new madExcept 4.0 with the following key improvements:

· full support for XE2 x64 compiler
· full unicode support
· FogBugz, BugZilla and Mantis reporting  (screenshot)
· SSL and TLS SMTP client mailing  (screenshot)
· SSL HTTP uploading
· memory and resource leak reporting  (screenshot)
· debug memory manager
· new madExceptViewer tool
· support for nested exceptions
· Windows Logo compliance

A more detailed description about the various improvements is available here.

Upgrade links are available on the shop page.